About Me

Vulnerability is hard!

Now that I got that out the way…

Hi, I’m Katrina.

I am a healer and lover of all things at heart and a therapist by profession.  Needless to say I’m very comfortable with the vulnerabilities of others but not so used to being vulnerable myself (at least not publicly), so blogging is an intimidating process for me yet here I am.

I embarked on a journey to be a therapist in 2006.  It’s what I always knew I wanted to be and it has been nothing short of amazing.  Fast forward to 2016: a shift happened.  I no longer felt talk therapy was fulfilling or helpful in treating the severe trauma within the population I worked with.  I felt stuck and ineffective.  I became unmotivated and angry with the system I was working in.  I felt like I needed to do something more for my clients….

Parallel to this process I was working on my own struggles with menstrual related disorders that caused extremely painful and missing periods, infections, depression, anxiety, and a number of other life interrupting concerns.  I was on and off birth control for almost 10 years unsuccessfully, during which time I saw multiple doctors and tested “normal” on every test administered.  Diagnoses given only helped to name the symptoms, none helped to identify causes or solutions.

Frustrated with side effects of the medication, I decided to just “let my body do its own thing”.  I figured my body would never be “normal” and I was learning to accept that.  I stopped trying to alter the natural state of my body.  I thought I just needed to learn to work around it, although it didn’t make the symptoms better or easier.

In 2015, my body started changing, brand new symptoms came and were more severe and emotional in nature.  By 2016 my relationships with friends, partners/potential partners, family, and my body had become difficult to manage.  I isolated, called off work often, started therapy again, acquired accommodations to prevent from losing my job, and was searching for relief again.  I was depressed and mentally, emotionally exhausted.  I went back to doctors and again passed all tests with no signs for concern.  They, again, had no answers or solutions for recovery, just medication to pacify the symptoms, but I refused.  This couldn’t be my only option.  I knew I needed something more….

Late 2016: after much research I started on a path to healing my body through nutritional changes and herbal supplementation.  With encouragement from therapists I started becoming re-acquainted with things and people I love and began speaking my truth more openly.  I was beginning to feel in control again.  It was then that I realized: my experience paralleled my clients’ journeys through the mental health system and they too needed a new approach – alternative, holistic options for relief.

And so my new journey begins…learning new therapies, letting go of old dreams, revamping plans, shifting my mindset, while also learning and managing a integrative, holistic approach to my own care.  It’s just the beginning and it’s challenging.  I’m not sure when I will reach my goals or what it will look like when I do (or if the current goal is even the end goal).  All I know is I’ve rediscovered with it means to feel empowered and inspired like I’m on the right path.  I’m excited to empower others to start their own holistic journeys for their mental and emotional health.

Here we are – 2017 : Integrative Mental Health and Healing Arts Therapist in the making!

First stop…Thailand…

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